Congratulations Lisa!

Lisa Lumsden shoes in conjunction with Eugenia Neave were shortlisted for 'Best Visual Arts Exhibition by a Collaborative' at the 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Given the range and standard of artwork displayed at this year's Festival this is quite an honour!


The production of Bespoke Footwear is a highly specialised and prized art form. It results in the production of a totally unique shoe, designed and hand made to your specifications. The development and practise of this ancient craft necessitates great skill, eye for detail and considerable time.

For Lisa Lumsden, shoe making represents both her passion and a deep labour of love.

Lisa thrives on the opportunity of blending artistic expression with personally tailored functionality, high quality and exuberant fabrics with truly eye catching form.

The ethos behind Lisa’s hand crafted shoes is simple. Each pair allows the customer to realise their dream. To bring to life a concept that they’ve conceived in their mind and, in so doing, express a desired look or personality. Lisa’s Bespoke Footwear can define a mood or provide those special garments with the additional flare that’s guaranteed to complement them perfectly.

As Lisa says... ‘I love to see something beautiful taking form and to work with my hands in shaping customers ideas. In making shoes I can indulge my eye for detail and love of fine craftsmanship in striving for what I ultimately aspire to - perfection.’